Understanding China’s Growing Nuclear Arsenal

[ad_1] SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE REPORTING — As the United States mulls deploying nuclear-armed, sea-launched missiles as a deterrent to its adversaries, China is building and modernizing its nuclear  arsenal at an unprecedented pace.   The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists estimates China now has…Read More »

A Former EU Prime Minister Assesses the Impact

[ad_1] SUBSCRIBER+ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW — The results of the 2024 European Parliament elections saw both significant gains for far-right parties – in France, Italy, Austria, and the Netherlands – and a strengthening of the center-right European People’s Party (EPP), which saw its…Read More »

Review – China’s Rise in the Global South

[ad_1] China’s Rise in the Global South: The Middle East, Africa, and Beijing’s Alternative World Order By Dawn C. Murphy Stanford University Press, 2022 The geo-political tension between the United States and China is often framed in the context of the rivalry…Read More »

Interview – William Allchorn

[ad_1] Dr William Allchorn is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations at Richmond, the American University in London and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Policing Institute for the Eastern Region, Anglia Ruskin University. He is an expert on…Read More »