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Dave Portnoy


Entrepreneur Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy, also known as “El Presidente,” is the CEO and founder of Barstool Sports. A digital media firm that focuses on pop culture and sports. He is known for his controversial, bold, and often polarizing style of commentary. As well as his strong following on social media.

The Early Years of Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy was born in Swampscott, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Michigan. After college, he worked as a trader on Wall Street for a few years before starting Barstool Sports in 2003.

The rise of Barstool Sports

Portnoy started Barstool Sports as a print publication in Boston, focused mainly on the local sports scene. He quickly transitioned to digital as the internet became more prominent.

And the company grew to become one of the most popular sports and pop culture websites, with a loyal following of “Stoolies.”

Building a Loyal Following

Portnoy’s ability to build a strong connection with his audience is one of the keys to Barstool Sports’ success. He has created a unique and irreverent tone on the site, which has resonated with many readers.

Additionally, the site has built a strong community of loyal fans, known as “Stoolies,” who engage with the content and each other on a daily basis.

Controversies and Criticism

Despite its success, Barstool Sports has not been without controversy. In 2017, Portnoy faced criticism for making sexist and racist remarks on the site. While many called for a boycott of the site, its followers remain loyal to the brand and its content.

Additionally, some criticized the site’s coverage of certain issues, such as the MeToo movement, as being insensitive and offensive.

Davey Day Trader Global

In 2020, Portnoy made headlines again when he launched “Davey Day Trader Global”. A stock trading account on the app Robinhood. He is now a supporter of this app and has earned an impressive fan base of traders from the retail sector.

He has been criticized for promoting risky and irresponsible trading practices and encouraging individuals to put their savings at risk.

Philanthropy and Followings

Despite his controversies, Portnoy has been successful in building a loyal fan base and a multimillion-dollar media company. He is also known for his philanthropy, having donated large sums of money to various charities. And causes, including COVID-19 relief efforts.

Criticism of Social Media and Day Trading

However, Portnoy’s recent activities on social media and his involvement with day trading have also led to criticism. As he has been accused of promoting risky and irresponsible trading practices. And encouraging individuals to put their savings at risk.

Takeover by Penn National Gaming

In January 2021, Penn National Gaming announced that it had acquired a 36% stake in Barstool Sports. For $163 million and plans to acquire the remaining stake over the next few years. This move was seen as a way for Penn National Gaming to expand its presence in the sports betting and media markets.

The perspective of Penn National Gaming will help them to take advantage of the changing legal landscape in the U.S.

Expansion into Podcasting and Television

In recent years, Barstool Sports has expanded its reach beyond its website and social media channels. The company has launched several successful podcasts, including “Call Her Daddy” and “Pardon My Take”. Which have become popular among listeners across the country.

Additionally, Barstool Sports has also ventured into television, launching. The “Barstool Sports Advisors” show on SiriusXM, and the “Barstool Rundown” on Comedy Central.

Effect on Sports Media

Barstool Sports has had a significant impact on the world of sports media. They have helped set themselves apart from more traditional sports media by providing an irreverent and often controversial style of coverage. Additionally, the company’s strong connection with its audience has made it a powerful force in the world of sports media.

It has also been credited with helping to create a new type of sports media. One that is more focused on entertainment and fan engagement than traditional news coverage.


In conclusion, Dave Portnoy is a polarizing figure in the media industry, known for his brash style of commentary. His ability to build a successful digital media company. He has a large following but also has been subject to criticism for his controversial behavior and his recent activities on social media.

He has been able to navigate through the controversies. Barstool Sports has become more valuable with time and even Penn National Gaming took a major stake in it.


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