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Discover The Best Brunt Boots Near Me: Quality And Style


All Brunt Boots are named after individuals close to the heart of Brunt’s CEO and founder, Eric Girouard. Among these namesakes is Jeremy, a former coast guard veteran and skilled diesel mechanic. Jeremy’s quest for a work boot that seamlessly combined both comfort and brunt boots near me durability led him to collaborate with Eric in the creation of a boot that could meet these demands.

Whether you’ve explored Brunt’s official website or stumbled upon their robust boots through a Google search, you might have noticed their robust appearance, suggesting an ability to handle even the most demanding tasks. No matter the path you took to reach this point, you can be confident that I have everything under control.

This won’t be a mere paragraph-long review where I regurgitate technical specifications about the boots. I have personally tested these boots in the challenging environment of a sheet welding factory. In the following exploration, brunt boots near me we’ll delve deep and address various questions that might be on your mind: Are Brunt Boots effective? Do they boast durability? Are they genuinely comfortable? And much more will be uncovered.

Characteristics And Specifications Of Brunt Perkins

For individuals with busy schedules or limited time, I’ve compiled a convenient list outlining the features and specifications of the Perkins product.


  • Unexpectedly Superior Leather Quality 
  • Exceptional, Thick, and Cushioned Insoles 
  • Robust Arch Support 
  • Instant Comfort, No Need for Breaking In 
  • Composite Toe for Reduced Weight 
  • ASTM Certified Toe Cap; Electric Shock, Oil, and Slip Resistance

Exploring The Significance Of ‘Cons

  • Focusing on Toe Fit: If your foot width exceeds a D with socks, these might not be suitable for you.
  • Leather stitching covers the toe guard, offering better protection than underneath, which is prone to snagging.
  • The rubber toe guard has significant height; caution is advised for frequent ladder users.

The Setting Of My Work

I’m aware that numerous negative reviews of work boots are available online, often written by individuals who haven’t truly experienced wearing the boots they’re critiquing. However, at Stridewise, brunt boots near me this concern is non-existent. During the day, I’m actively engaged in sheet metal fabrication and welding at my workplace. Consequently, each work boot I assess is rigorously tested as I wear them consistently for 10 to 12 hours every day. These reviews are based on boots that have genuinely been put through demanding work conditions.

What Is The Country Of Origin For Brunt Boots?

I’ll tackle this question initially, as it’s commonly raised nowadays. Although the company is American-owned, brunt boots near me the boots are manufactured in China. However, this fact alone shouldn’t automatically imply that the boots are of inferior quality. It shouldn’t dissuade you from considering a purchase or giving them a fair opportunity. Nevertheless, I understand if you lean towards supporting domestic US businesses and keeping your finances within the country.

Does The Brunt Perkins’s Structure Demonstrate Long-lasting Durability?

In this segment of the review, our focus turns to assessing the longevity of the Brunt Perkins. Our analysis encompasses an evaluation of factors such as leather quality, construction method, outsole composition, brunt boots near me, and various other elements that contribute to the overall build of the Perkins. Recognizing that durability is a pivotal aspect, should Perkins not meet this criterion, the subsequent sections of the review would bear diminished significance.

Leather Creations By Brunt Perkins

  • Unexpectedly Sup EriorLeather

Similar to my previous review of the Brunt Marin boot, the Perkins boot also boasts impressive leather quality given its price range. In fact, the exceptional leather stands out as a key highlight in both of these boot models.

Featuring a thickness of 2mm, the semi-distressed brown oil-tanned leather exudes a visually appealing charm, brunt boots near me are particularly suitable for a rugged work boot. The leather even exhibits a subtle pull-up effect, adding to its character. Evidently, no compromises were made when it comes to the leather’s quality.

Perkins Brunt Building Works

  • Non-Resellable Cement Bonding

The Brunt Perkins utilizes glued/cemented construction as opposed to the Goodyear welt method seen in many higher-end work boots. Although a glued construction might not possess the same durability as a welted one, brunt boots near me it does provide greater flexibility compared to a boot featuring a Goodyear welt.

Furthermore, due to its glued construction, the resoling option is not available for this boot. However, considering the affordable price of $160, this limitation doesn’t necessarily carry a negative connotation. Opting for a resole would likely exceed more than half the cost of purchasing a new pair of boots, making it a less appealing choice.

Outsole Innovation By Brunt Perkins

  • Definition Of A 1-Inch Heel

The sole structure comprises a layer of rubber foam for the midsole and a rubber outsole. Additionally, the sole features a prominent 1-inch heel, a prerequisite for certain professions, brunt boots near me, and incorporates a composite shank to offer enhanced arch support and alleviate strain when working on ladder rungs for extended periods.

Rubber Toe Guard And Heel Guard By Brunt Perkins

I’m certain you’ve come across work boots with leather that has worn down completely to the safety toe. This won’t be an issue with the Brunt Perkins boots!

The toe section of the Perkins boots is constructed using a rubber layer, enhancing their longevity in work settings where toe dragging is common. Additionally, they feature a rubber heel guard at the back, providing extra reinforcement for durability.

Water-Repellent Lining

  • Triple-Layer Waterproofing Demonstrates High Effectiveness.

Brunt Perkins boots have established their waterproof prowess through a multi-layered approach. Waterproofing is seamlessly integrated during the leather tanning process using an infused solution. Furthermore, each seam undergoes a waterproof coating treatment, brunt boots near me are complemented by the incorporation of a breathable waterproof membrane within the boot structure. This comprehensive strategy is coined by Brunt as the “Triple Layer Waterproofing” system.

In a bid to verify the efficacy of this waterproofing system, a personal test was conducted. While the controlled shop environment doesn’t offer significant water exposure, a bucket filled with water was employed to assess the boots’ performance. The outcome of this impromptu experiment was unequivocal: the boots successfully kept the feet entirely dry.

Does The Brunt Perkins Offer A Comfortable Experience?

Having covered the process of boot production, let’s now delve into the realm of comfort that these boots provide. After all, no one desires to endure twelve hours daily in uncomfortable shoes.

Width Of Toe Box In Brunt Perkins Footwear

  • Toebox Width Of 4.3 Inches
  • The Sensation Of Toe Cramping

The apparent width of the toe box can be misleading. Although the external measurement reads 4.3 inches, brunt boots near me the sensation on the inside contradicts this measurement, as the boots don’t provide the spaciousness expected from such a measurement. This results in a cramped feeling for the toes, even when wearing relatively thick E-width boot socks.

To clarify, my usual width is D, but with boot socks, I require an E width. While I generally opt for a D width in most safety toe work boots, Thorogood boots—known for their narrow fit—push me towards an E width. Despite the indication that these boots are available in EE width, the reality doesn’t align, and the proposed solution of removing the insole for added space proves ineffective. Consequently, individuals with wider feet should consider alternatives, as these boots may not cater to their needs.

Interchangeable Shoe Insole

The detachable insole included with Brunt’s boots stands out as a remarkable feature, closely following the exceptional leather quality that defines Brunt Boots. These insoles offer remarkable thickness and comfort, brunt boots near me making it a challenge to discover a comparable option among other work boots within the Perkins price range.

Arch Support By Brunt Perkins

In contrast to the Brunt Marin, which lacked substantial arch support, the Perkins model provides adequate arch support for individuals with moderately high arches. While individual preferences vary, it seems that the Perkins strikes a balance, offering ample support for those who appreciate it without causing discomfort for individuals with flat feet.

Perkins Brunt’s Mass

Weighing in at 2 pounds and 3.6 ounces, the Perkins boot doesn’t claim the title for the heaviest footwear I’ve donned; however, brunt boots near me it doesn’t fall into the category of the lightest either. While it doesn’t quite match the weight of the Hawx Legion boots I assessed not long ago, the Perkins boot carries a noticeable heft.

Initial Phase Of Brunt Perkins System Operation

The Perkins boots require no break-in time whatsoever. The leather is both pliant and velvety. As previously noted, the boot’s cement construction lends it flexibility. Additionally, the boots feature substantial padding around the ankle area, contributing to their exceptional comfort. Brunt has unmistakably crafted these boots for immediate work readiness, brunt boots near me straight out of the packaging.

Safety Enhancements In Brunt Perkins Products

Most of us tend to overlook this aspect, yet it’s essential for many to understand the safety attributes incorporated within work boots, prompted by employer policies.

Composite Toe Safety Footwear

The Perkins incorporates a nano-composite safety toe designed to meet ASTM standards for withstanding compression and impacts. The boot boasts a robust construction, resembling that of a tank, brunt boots near me, and benefits from the inclusion of a composite safety toe, which effectively lessens the overall weight of the boots.

Rating Of Electrical Hazards

The boots adhere to ASTM standards for electrical hazard resistance, a common feature found in most work boots. This standard is prevalent across a wide range of work boot options.

Enhancing Traction And Grip

The Brunt Perkins boasts an oil and slip-resistant nature attributed to its rubber outsole. Brunt characterizes it as an “industry-leading rubber sole featuring robust traction patterns, ensuring remarkable oil and slip resistance.

Sizing And Fit Considerations For Brunt Perkins Products

  • Select The Appropriate Size Based On Accuracy.
  • Limited To Space; Not Suitable For Those Wider Than A D Width With Boot Socks.

In relation to fit and sizing concerning length, I find the Perkins to be quite accurate. I wear an 11.5 on the Brannock scale, brunt boots near me and the 11.5 Perkins fits me perfectly in terms of length. Normally, your Brannock size is half a size smaller than your sneaker or athletic shoe size, but I recommend getting your feet measured if your Brannock size is unfamiliar to you.

Regarding width, there’s a different aspect to consider. You’re likely aware of Brunt’s advertising of their boots as having an “Adjustable Width” feature achieved by adding or removing a removable insert, which can change the boot from a regular to a wide width. However, for brunt boots near me, this feature isn’t as effective as it might seem. The boots are already slightly wide, and the insert mainly serves to reduce the overall space in the boot for individuals with narrower feet.

Recalling my earlier mention of my toes feeling cramped in the toe box, the removal of the insert didn’t genuinely alleviate the issue. While it did provide a bit more vertical room, the width of the boot still constrained my toes, and the safety toe uncomfortably pressed against the sides of both of my big toes. This discomfort was significant enough that I would switch to different boots before the day came to an end.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I find the Brunt to be a dependable boot considering its price range. Its primary contenders in the market include the Timberland Pro Boondocks and the Hawx Legion boots. While I can’t vouch for the Timberlands, brunt boots near me  I confidently suggest choosing the Brunt over the pricier Hawx boots, especially for individuals with regular-width feet.

For my personal preference, these boots don’t align with my needs due to the toe space constraint. However, such experiences are not uncommon with boots. I’m admittedly disappointed since I had high hopes for these boots from the moment I unwrapped them. Nevertheless, brunt boots near me if you possess average-width feet, I highly recommend giving them a chance. With the convenience of free exchanges and returns, experimenting with these boots carries minimal risk.

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