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How Can E-commerce Use Age Verification For Safe Shopping?


Post-pandemic, there has been a shift in consumer shopping habits, with a growing preference for online shopping. In 2022, 67.5% of the total global e-commerce was made by mobile e-commerce. As online shopping surges, instances of online thefts and scams are on the rise as well. Therefore, age verification of the user is a crucial step. Businesses have to invest in these technologies, as it will protect them from major risks and the goodwill of the business can be improved through it.

What is Age Verification?

Age verification is defined as a process of verifying the mentioned age of the user with the actual period of the user.”It can be done by demanding the government-issued ID (identity card) of the person or the driving license of the customer. It is the same as it is done in bars and nightclubs. In nightclubs, they demand the ID card and verify it. This is done because such things are not allowed for minors. In e-commerce, verification is done digitally. 

Importance of Age Verification System for the E-commerce

Almost every product is sold online; it also contains some products whose target market is not minors. The government bans them for those under 18 because it harms them, like alcohol, cigarettes, mature video games and pornography. Different countries have other age limits, but most commonly follow the same rules. Some merchants do not take it seriously and face heavy fines and sometimes jail.

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Sellers must have to ensure that their website is safe for the user. Customers prefer websites that are secure to use. Implementing age verification measures can enhance the company’s reputation. The credibility of the business is enhanced through it. Otherwise, the company will be defamed and could get in serious trouble.

Customer Satisfaction

Online age verification enhances user satisfaction by offering a personalized shopping experience. Customers can focus on the products of their age group. These acts also come under the businesses’ corporate social responsibility, as they restrict minors from products that are not. 

Reach Target Market

Age checks are beneficial for the seller also as it will help them to focus on their target customers. This will reduce the unnecessary traffic on their site.

Customer Retention

Online age verification will help to prevent minors from adult material on the website. , Enhancing customer trust to boost customer retention.

Increase Revenue through Sales Enhancement

By verifying age, sellers can boost their profits because only relevant customers will be on their website.

By doing this, businesses will gain protection against fraudulent activities.

Prevent Theft

Online age verification prevents businesses from digital scams, as only verified customers can approach their websites. Scammers take the user’s identity and steal their bank account information. Age verifier will protect minors from such scams and discourage fraudulent activities.

Parental Control

Online age verifiers are best for parental control, as parents can restrict and control the activities of their children. Their kids will be safe from websites containing adult material.

To ensure secure shopping, how do we conduct age verification?

We verify age using the following methods.

Scanning App

Scanning apps scan government-issued ID cards. They will restrict underage users, as it is a safe method.

Credit/ Debit Card 

Use a credit/debit card for an online age verification system. Anyone can purchase the product by using their debit/card.

Customer Phone Number/ Gmail Account

Use the customer’s mobile number when confirming the order; otherwise, access will be denied.

Image Recognition Softwares

Businesses can use such software to verify age, as they are quick and save time.

Does Your Business Need Age Verification?

By selling the products online, businesses boost sales of their products, but the government imposes certain restrictions. According to the law, merchants can’t sell certain products to those under the minimum age level. If companies follow these rules, their business will be safe; it is peace of mind that a new customer is visiting the website, and it does not cause legal issues. The more complex the age verification system is, the safer the business will be.


E-commerce businesses boost their sales by using age verifiers; They can suffer huge losses if they do not verify customer age. Online age verifiers are very crucial for the company. Customers feel secure with the businesses that use such technologies. Additionally, it constitutes an aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Companies can improve their brand image by using age checks, As customers prefer the businesses that are contributing to CSR.

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