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How To See Your Liked Post On  Instagram


How To See Your Liked Post On  Instagram

However, as you continue to use Instagram, it can become difficult to keep track of all the posts you’ve liked. In this article. We will be discussing “How to see your liked post on Instagram”.

Instagram is a well-known social media platform where users can upload images and videos.  As well as interact with other users through commenting and liking posts. “Like” on Instagram is a “like” feature on Instagram that lets users express appreciation. And show support for the content posted by other users.

Method 1: Viewing Liked Posts from Your Profile

The most obvious way to see your most liked posts on Instagram is by visiting your profile. And clicking on”Posts You’ve Liked” from the “Posts You’ve Liked” option. To get access to this feature, just click your profile image in the lower right-hand part of your screen.

Once you’re on the home page of your profile, simply click on the three lines. They are located in the upper-right portion of the page. This will open a menu with several options. Select “Settings” and then “Account.”

In this menu, there’s a chance to find an option that reads “Posts You’ve Liked.” Tapping on this option will take you to a page that displays. All of the posts that you have liked on Instagram. 

The posts are shown sequentially in order of publication with the most recent posts appearing first. The posts you’ve liked will be grouped by date and you can easily scroll through them.

Method 2: Searching for Liked Posts

Another way to view your liked posts on Instagram. By using the search bar at the top of your feed. Type in the word “liked” and select the “Tags” option. This will bring up a list of all the posts that you have liked. And that has been tagged with the word “liked.” 

This is a great way to view your liked posts if you are looking for a specific post. That you remember liking, but can’t find in your profile. By searching for the word ‘liked’ on the search bar.

You’ll be able to see posts that you’ve liked in the past. Even if the original poster has deleted their account or the post.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps

A third method of viewing your likes on Instagram is to use an application from a third party. There are many different applications that allow users to see their favorite photos on Instagram. Such as “Like Patrol” and “Like Detective.”

The apps connect the app to your Instagram account and show all the posts you’ve liked. Certain apps include additional features like the ability to see your favorite posts in a calendar. As well as to determine what percentage of your friends like your content. 

Keep in mind that when using third-party apps, it’s important to read the terms and conditions. And make sure you understand the app’s privacy policy and how your data is being used.

Method 4: Bookmarking Liked Posts

Another way to keep track of liked posts is by bookmarking them. To save the post, simply tap the blog post you want to save. Then click on the “Bookmark” icon in the lower right-hand corner.

This will add the post to your “Saved” section, which you can access by tapping. The three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the home screen, then selecting “Saved”. 

This feature allows you to save posts that you want to come back to later. Whether it’s for inspiration, to read an interesting article, or for any other reason.

Additional Information

Viewing Liked Posts from User’s Profile

  • You can also view your liked posts by visiting the profile of the user whose posts you’ve liked. 
  • On their profile, you’ll see a “Following” tab, where you can see all the posts they’ve shared that you’ve liked.

Searching for Liked Posts using Hashtags

  • Another method of viewing your favorite posts is visiting the “Explore” page. And looking using”liked” or “favorites “. 
  • This will display an overview of the posts that are tagged with the hashtag. It could include posts you’ve enjoyed.

Unlike a post

  • If you wish to like an article, just tap the heart icon once more. When you like an article the post will be removed from your collection of posts you have liked.

Exporting Liked Posts

  • Some third-party apps also allow you to export a list of your liked posts in a CSV or Excel file. Which can be useful for backup purposes or to keep a record of your liked posts offline.

Clear Liked Posts

  • If you want to clear your liked posts. You can do so by going to the “Posts You’ve Liked” option in your profile settings. And unlike all the posts one by one. But please keep in mind that this can be a time-consuming process if you have liked a lot of posts.

Liked Posts from Close Friends

  • It’s also worth noting that Instagram has a “Close Friends” feature. Which allows users to create a list of their closest friends and share exclusive content with them. 
  • If you have liked a post from a user in your “Close Friends” list. It will not appear on your “Posts You’ve Liked” page. But you can still view it by visiting their profile.

Sorting Liked Posts

  • Some third-party apps also allow you to sort your liked posts by different criteria. Such as date, location, and hashtags used in the post. 
  • This can be useful if you want to quickly find posts that you’ve liked in a specific time period.

Archiving Liked Posts

  • Instagram allows you to archive posts that you’ve liked. This means that they will no longer appear on your “Posts You’ve Liked” page. But you can still access them later if you want to.
  • To archive a blog post, just tap the three dots that are located on the top right of the article and choose “Archive.”

Viewing Liked Posts from Other Accounts

  • If you want to view the posts that another user has liked. You can do so by visiting their profile and selecting the “Following” tab. 
  • This will show you all the posts that the user has liked. Even if they are not following the account that shared the post.

Liked posts and Privacy

  • Keep in mind that your liked posts are private, meaning that only you can see them. 
  • However, if you’ve liked a post that’s set to public. Anyone can see that you’ve liked it by visiting the post and looking at the list of likes.

Disabling the “Save Original Posts” option

  • If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, Instagram automatically saves posts you’ve liked to your camera roll.
  • If you would like to turn off this feature, head to your Instagram Settings. Then select “Account” then “Original Posts” and turn off the “Save Original Posts” option.


In conclusion, there are several different ways that How To See Your Liked Post On  Instagram. You can view them directly from your profile, and search for them using the search bar. Use a third-party app, or bookmark them. 

By using one of these methods. You can easily keep track of all the posts that you have liked on Instagram. And never lose track of the content that you have enjoyed.


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