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Jake Paul’s Next Fight Opponent, Date, And Predictions


After engaging in months of heated trash-talk and exchanging verbal jabs outside of the boxing ring, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz are set to settle their feud this week. The two fighters will go head-to-head in a highly anticipated pay-per-view showdown at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Jake Paul’s next fight in Texas.

Watch The Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz Bout On ESPN+ In The United States.

In his boxing debut, The Problem Child aims to back up his words by facing an experienced MMA veteran. The past champion of The Ultimate Fighter 5 aims to inflict back-to-back defeats upon his adversary.

When is the Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight scheduled, and what are the viewing options for catching all the action? Let GOAL guide you on where and when to watch it, whether live or on-demand, Jake Paul’s next fight to cater to your viewing preferences.

Do you know when The Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz Fight Is Planned To Take Place?

An eagerly awaited professional boxing showdown between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is scheduled for Saturday, August 5th, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

In the upcoming eighth professional bout of the Problem Child, he is set to reclaim the spotlight as the main attraction on a highly competitive fight card. This fight marks his return to familiar territory after suffering his first career defeat in February against Tommy Fury.

Diaz’s debut in the boxing ring represents his inaugural venture into the professional boxing world. This transition follows a successful career in mixed martial arts, culminating in a memorable submission victory over Tony Ferguson last September, Jake Paul’s next fight concluding his impressive 34-fight MMA journey.

Exploring The Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz Bout: In-Depth Analysis

Date: October 14, 2023

Event Commences: 8:00 PM EDT / 5:00 PM PDT 

Ringwalk Time: 11:00 PM EDT / 8:00 PM PDT 

Cost: $59.99

Where Can I View Jake Paul’s Upcoming Bout?

DAZN Secures Exclusive Pay-Per-View Rights for Jake Paul’s Upcoming Fight, Following ESPN+’s Coverage of His Previous Bout with Tommy Fury.

DAZN’s Pay-Per-View (PPV) exclusive coverage ensures that the upcoming fight will not be available through terrestrial broadcast, cable, Jake Paul’s next fight or satellite in the United States. Consequently, the only way to watch the fight this weekend is via online streaming.

ESPN+ subscribers, on the other hand, won’t miss out either. DAZN and Most Valuable Promotions recently announced a partnership this week, making it possible for ESPN+ to offer the fight at the standard pay-per-view price. This extends the opportunity for boxing enthusiasts across the country to enjoy the match.

Catch Jake Paul’s Upcoming Bout Exclusively On DAZN.

Paul’s unblemished record received a significant boost through two encounters with Tyron Woodley, leading up to his unanimous decision triumph over Anderson Silva in October 2020, marking his sixth consecutive victory. This paved the way for his highly anticipated showdown with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia, becoming his most significant bout to date.

Facing defeat against a Briton marked the initial significant setback in his career, Jake Paul’s next fight but now with a match against Diaz in the works, can Paul rejuvenate his boxing journey with a resounding victory in Texas?

How Many Rounds Will Jake Paul’s Upcoming Bout Last?

Jake Paul’s upcoming match is set to extend to 10 rounds, marking it as the lengthiest bout in his professional career to date. The Problem Child had previously engaged in his initial two matches, Jake Paul’s next fight which spanned six rounds each, and all subsequent fights have adhered to an eight-round format.

This still falls short of the standard set by most major championship bouts, as those typically span 12 rounds. It’s worth noting that Paul won’t be the only one venturing into uncharted territory regarding fight duration. UFC matches have historically ranged from three to five rounds, potentially making this the longest bout of Diaz’s career as well.

Who Is Featured On The Fight Card For Jake Paul’s Upcoming Match?

While ‘The Problem Child’ takes the spotlight in Dallas, Paul and Diaz are not the sole contenders seeking victory in the ring this weekend.

The sub-headlining bout features the undisputed featherweight champion, Amanda Serrano, defending her IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC, and WBO titles against Heather Hardy in a highly anticipated rematch, Jake Paul’s next fight nearly four years after their initial encounter.

Alan Sanchez is scheduled to face Angel Beltran in a prominent main card matchup, while Chris Avila will go head-to-head with Jeremy Stephens in an exciting welterweight showdown. Additionally, the event features another compelling matchup in the super middleweight division, Jake Paul’s next fight where Shadasia Green and Olivia Curry will engage in a 10-round contest.

Key Matches Scheduled For The Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz Bout Main Card

Main Card Matchups by Weight Class:

  • Cruiserweight Bout:
    • Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz
  • Featherweight Bout:
    • Amanda Serrano vs. Heather Hardy
  • Welterweight Bout:
    • Alan Sanchez vs. Angel Beltran
  • Welterweight Bout:
    • Chris Avila vs. Jeremy Stephens
  • Super Middleweight Bout:
    • Shadasia Green vs. Olivia Curry
  • To Be Announced (TBA) Bout:
    • Ashton Sylve vs. William Silva

Preliminary Card Lineup For Jake Paul Vs. Nate Diaz Fight Event

  • Super Welterweight: 
  • Kevin Newman II vs. Kilo Madera
  • Welterweight: 
  • Jose Aguayo vs Noel Cavazos
  • Super Lightweight: 
  • Luciano Ramos vs. CJ Hamilton


How Can I Tune In To Jake Paul’s Upcoming Bout?

Accessing Jake Paul’s upcoming bout against Nate Diaz can be done through DAZN. Where it will be available as a pay-per-view subscription. Alternatively, Jake Paul Next Fight fans can also acquire the fight via ESPN+.

When Is Jake Paul’s Next Boxing Match Scheduled?

You can tune in to Jake Paul’s upcoming fight scheduled for Saturday, August 5th. By streaming it live on either DAZN or ESPN+.

Is It Possible To Access Jake Paul’s Upcoming Fight For On-Demand Viewing?

After purchasing the pay-per-view, Jake Paul’s next fight. You can enjoy Jake Paul’s upcoming fight on demand via. DAZN for a period of up to seven days following the match.

Is A VPN Necessary To Stream Jake Paul’s Upcoming Fight?

You don’t necessarily require a VPN to watch Jake Paul’s upcoming fight. However, you might consider getting one to access sports coverage that isn’t available through traditional linear television or streaming services.

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