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Stepping In Style: Unveiling The Elegance Of Brunt Boots


Curious about the durability of Brunt Boots? With a price tag under $150, it’s challenging to determine whether they offer value or are just overpriced. In this comprehensive review of Brunt boots, we’ll closely examine the Marin moc toe variant to assess whether Brunt delivers a boot that justifies the purchase. During the recent weekend, I assisted my brother in moving his hefty 400 lb Old Country smoker to his backyard. After seasoning, we fired it up and cooked a batch of ribs and a USDA Prime brisket. Given the buzz surrounding Brunt Boots, I decided to put their most popular offering, the Marin, to the test. By the time you finish reading this evaluation, you’ll be well-informed about its features, potential alternatives, and ultimately, whether the Brunt Marin is a suitable choice for you.

Overview Of Brunt Boots Marin

The Brunt Workwear Marin stands as the flagship among Brunt’s collection of four distinct boots. Embodying a classic moc-toe design, the Marin boasts various iterations to cater to different preferences.

My choice was the unlined variant, yet the Marin is available with options like a breathable mesh liner, a composite toe version, an 8-inch rendition, and a specialized model designed for women.

Across these versions, the core attributes like leather quality, sole performance, and construction finesse remain consistently impressive. The nomenclature itself offers a hint of the distinguishing features, making it easy to extrapolate the same level of 

excellence to your preferred boot variant while perusing this review.

A noteworthy detail is the current availability of a sole color, presenting a tasteful matte brown as the singular choice at the time of composing this piece.

Factors To Evaluate Prior To Purchasing Work Boots By Brunt

Brunt implements a set of convenient policies that simplify online ordering, including complimentary shipping and returns. Moreover, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, requiring no explanations for returns, even if the items have been used in a work setting.

This distinctive attribute applies even in situations where the boots have been utilized during work duties.

.It’s uncommon to find another brand offering such a provision – while many brands do offer extended return periods, the concept of allowing customers to test the boots extensively and then return them is a rarity.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to take potential drawbacks into account too. Brunt employs a cemented construction method, which lacks the robust durability of a Goodyear welt. The sole is merely glued to the leather upper, making it susceptible to detachment at some point. The longevity is variable, as factors like heat, moisture, and rough usage can influence the adhesive’s effectiveness over time.

Furthermore, the BootSpy community predominantly expresses a preference for domestically produced boots, a criterion that Brunt’s boots, made in China, do not meet. For those who prioritize American-made products, it’s advised to explore the Brunt Marin alternatives recommended in the latter section of this review.

Review Of The Brunt Marin Boot

Initial Encounters

The Brunt Marin perfectly embodies the classic moc toe boot aesthetic. I find the matte brown leather variant particularly appealing, with its potential for graceful aging.

What sets this boot apart for me is the ingenious choice between dual eyelets and speed hooks for the uppermost laces. The option to thread the laces through the eyelets or utilize the speed hooks provides delightful flexibility. Personally, I lean towards the convenience of speed hooks, and brunt boots although it’s worth noting that these hooks are crafted from plastic. Regrettably, I’ve experienced a plastic speed hook breaking off in the past, an incident that rendered a previous pair of boots less wearable.

I’ll delve further into the leather’s attributes later, but I’m genuinely impressed by its caliber. The leather boasts substantial thickness, defying expectations with its remarkably supple full-grain texture, especially given its price point below $150.

As a stylistic embellishment, the Brunt Marin showcases a faux welt (referring to the stitched design around the sole), a detail that might be misleading as it disguises the fact that the construction is purely cemented.

While cemented construction isn’t inherently inferior, it’s important to acknowledge that it lacks the tensile robustness offered by the thread of a Goodyear welt. The adhesive used in cemented construction can weaken at multiple junctures and is more susceptible to the rigors of heat, moisture, and demanding use compared to the combination of thread and adhesive in a Goodyear welt.

Quality And Maintenance Of Leather

The Brunt Marin showcases a robust 2mm thick full-grain leather upper, offering excellent value given its price point. This leather is categorized as pull-up leather, enriched with abundant oils and waxes, translating to minimal maintenance for its suppleness and durability.

I opted for the unlined variant, although a mesh-lined option is also available. In my view, sticking with the unlined version is advisable due to certain construction intricacies in Brunt boots, which can be somewhat haphazard; consequently, the mesh lining might be vulnerable to early wear.

Given the leather’s resilient and high-quality nature, I find it preferable to rely on natural materials as opposed to synthetic alternatives that require adhesive attachment. Frankly, I have reservations about ever needing to condition these boots, primarily for two reasons: the pull-up leather’s inherent low-care demands, and my skepticism regarding the longevity of the cemented construction—likely lasting no more than 18-24 months.

Should I eventually opt to condition my Brunt Marin boots, my choice would be mink oil, effectively rejuvenating the leather’s weather resistance.

Footwear Sole

The Brunt Marin boasts intriguing features in both its insole and outsole.

The outsole showcases a dual-layer design: a lightweight foam combined with a tougher, slip-resistant rubber exterior. This pairing presents specific benefits and drawbacks. On a positive note, the foam provides exceptional comfort and remarkable shock absorption, particularly beneficial for those who spend extended periods on concrete surfaces. However, for brunt boots there’s a drawback in terms of its dual composition as it introduces a potential for delamination and failure. Additionally, as the rubber segment of the heel wears down to expose the foam beneath, the foam’s degradation accelerates, potentially necessitating a quicker replacement of the boots.

All Brunt work boots incorporate a three-layer comfort system, with a particularly remarkable aspect embedded in the insole. The Marin model features a detachable insole crafted from dense foam, ensuring considerable comfort. Beneath this removable insole lies another detachable foam insert. When this insert is removed, the boot’s width expands from a D-width to an E-width, offering a practical solution for those seeking extra room. Initial concerns about the mobility of the two removable insoles within the boot and its potential impact on foot stability have been allayed, as users report no noticeable issues when wearing the Marin boots.

For those requiring additional space, brunt boots the removal of the second foam insert is a simple adjustment to achieve a better fit. Situated beneath the second insert is a fiberboard midsole, although its performance leaves room for improvement. While its presence aligns with the boot’s price point, it lacks the distinction of materials like cork or leather and falls short in terms of durability.

Appropriate Fit And Sizing

Brunt asserts that their boots adhere to accurate sizing standards, yet in my experience, I believe I could have opted for a half-size smaller than my usual choice and achieved an optimal fit. This sentiment is particularly pertinent given the inclusion of the secondary removable insole.

There is noticeable heel slippage when wearing these boots. I initially acquired the Marin model in size 10.5, a dimension consistent with my preferences for sneakers and dress shoes (a majority of my other boots also align with size 10). In retrospect, I would recommend selecting the Brunt Marin in size 10 to mitigate the extent of heel slippage.

Hence, in determining the appropriate size for your needs, I would propose opting for a half-size reduction from your standard sneaker size, provided you possess typical D-width feet.

For a comprehensive manual on Brunt boots sizing, aimed at ensuring an accurate fit for your work boots right from the outset, refer to my detailed guide.

Initial Run-In Phase

The Brunt Marin boasts a virtually non-existent break-in period. The leather is pliable and velvety, and at a 2mm thickness, it presents minimal resistance. Furthermore, the incorporation of a foam outsole contributes to substantial shock absorption within this boot. Although I suggest donning a pair of thick socks during the initial wear for added comfort, the unlined Marin facilitates a remarkably smooth break-in process.

How Have Other Reviewers Responded?

At present, the Brunt Workwear website boasts an impressive collection of over 850 reviews for the Marin model, with an overwhelmingly positive sentiment prevailing. The recurring theme of comfort is prominently highlighted across these reviews.

A noteworthy observation is the significant number of reviewers who expressed their willingness to invest more in Brunt products compared to any previous boot purchases, citing the substantial longevity as a rewarding outcome. Based on my personal encounters, brunt boots it becomes apparent that alternatives below Brunt’s price range rarely offer the same level of value—especially for individuals engaged in labor-intensive activities.

Consequently, if one’s familiarity lies with $80 boots, the transition to Brunt’s offerings is likely to be accompanied by a noticeable enhancement in quality and performance.

Alternatives For Marine Energy Generation

Diplomacy On Thursdays

If you’re a fan of the moc toe design but prefer a slimmer and less bulky option, consider taking a look at the Thursday Diplomat. This boot leans more towards a fashionable style rather than a strictly work-oriented one. Nevertheless, it boasts impressive Goodyear welt construction and features even more leather than its Red Wing counterpart. With an upper leather thickness of 2.5mm and a glove leather liner of 1mm thickness, it combines both style and quality.

Moc Toe Boots By Thorogood

I would choose the Thorogood Moc Toe over the Brunt Marin.

Both options offer similar leather thickness, and you can find 8” and composite toe variations for each. However, the Thorogood Moc Toe stands out in two key aspects: it is crafted in the USA, and its sole features a Goodyear welt construction.

While a pair of Brunt boots might endure for two or three years, there’s less certainty due to their cemented construction. On a particularly warm day, the adhesive could weaken, resulting in a sole separation issue.

However, when it comes to the Thorogood Moc Toe, the extra stitching plays a crucial role in providing added security. In the event that the adhesive weakens, the reinforced stitching steps in to maintain sole attachment robustly. Furthermore, the advantage of being able to have your Thorogoods refurbished and equipped with a fresh sole sets them apart from Brunt footwear, which lacks this capability.

It’s true that opting for Thorogood entails a higher price point (with an approximate difference of $60). Nevertheless, the peace of mind granted by the Goodyear welt construction, coupled with the fact that they are made in the USA, makes the additional investment entirely justifiable in my perspective.

Red Wing’s Moc Toe Design: A Timeless Classic

The legendary status of the Red Wing Classic Moc Toe is widely recognized.

While pricier than the Brunt Marin (almost twice the cost), it stands out as one of them. The finest constructed moc toe boots I’ve experienced.

Crafted from entirely natural leather and cork components, this boot possesses. The potential to endure five years or beyond, brunt boots even when subjected to rigorous use. Moreover, it boasts a 2.5mm leather thickness at this tier, ensuring enhanced foot protection and prolonged robustness.

Finale Thoughts

What I Like

  • I appreciate the versatility of the multifunctional speed hooks and eyelet system, granting. The freedom to select your preferred lacing technique—a feature that resonates with me.
  • The remarkable quality of the full grain 2mm thick leather stands out, especially when considering its budget-friendly cost.
  • The inclusion of two removable insoles per boot is a captivating innovation, enabling a personalized fit adjustment. This distinct characteristic sets the boot apart as. I haven’t brunt boots come across any other brand offering such an approach.
  • Brunt not only provides complimentary shipping and hassle-free returns but also backs their product. With an impressive 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

What I Don’t Like

Cemented construction lacks the durability of a Goodyear welt and presents potential long-term durability challenges, particularly in demanding work environments. The sizing offers ample room, and I suggest selecting a half-size smaller for most individuals.


Are Brunt Boots Of High Quality?

Brunt Workwear produces commendable boots, particularly considering their cost. While the cemented construction may have some room for improvement. The leather quality stands out as exceptional for a price point below $150.

Are Brunt Work Boots Produced In The United States?

Brunt work boots are not manufactured in the United States; instead, they are produced in China. However, brunt boots  I encourage you to explore our compilation of top-quality boots that are proudly made in America.

Do Brunt Boots Possess Waterproof Qualities?

Brunt asserts that their boots possess waterproof capabilities.

Are Brunt Boots Physically larger In Size?

Despite Brunt’s claim that their boots are true to size, based on my personal experience, I’ve found. That they actually tend to run about half a size larger. It’s advisable to consider ordering a half-size smaller than what you would typically choose for sneakers or dress shoes.

Do Brunt Boots Perform Well During The Winter Season?

Certainly! Due to their waterproof nature, Brunt boots prove to be suitable for moderate winter conditions. In instances of extremely cold temperatures, opting for an insulated work boot would be more appropriate. However, during milder winters, Brunt boots serve as a dependable choice.

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