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Tips for Enjoying Life While Living in Scottsdale, AZ


Tips for Enjoying Life While Living in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is known for golf – if you live in this part of the world, you’ll know that much of the talk surrounds this sport. This is fantastic…if you love golf. If you can’t understand why people spend their weekends walking around fields thumping little white balls with sticks, this isn’t what will make you happy in Scottsdale. We appreciate that not everybody loves golf, so we’ve got some advice for enjoying life in our beautiful city.

Find What You Enjoy

Our first tip is the following – don’t just do things because other people like them. Golf is a good example again here (sorry, golf lovers!), there’s no point in spending lots of money on clubs if you just aren’t interested in the sport. Instead, find something that really interests you – this could be walks in the desert or visiting historical sites. It could be going to a local crocheting club or baking cakes with friends. Scottsdale has many varied attractions and activities, so make sure to explore everything.

Get Connected

Scottsdale is full of great people from all over the world who have come here to enjoy life and share experiences. While most cities will say this about their people, it really is true in Scottsdale (we promise!). Consider checking Facebook to see if there are any upcoming local events of interest. You don’t need to be best friends with everybody, but you can add a few names to your Christmas card list at least.

Take Time for Yourself

Daily life is busy – even after work, you’ve got endless chores and other things to do. If you don’t recharge every so often, you’ll soon tire – the United States is pushing us beyond our capabilities, and burnout is becoming a real problem. Whether this means taking a day off work and doing something different, or treating yourself to an evening at the movies – don’t forget to take some ‘me’ time every now and then. Remember, doing nothing counts as something. If you spend the day on the sofa after a full week of work, this is okay (tell everyone that we gave you permission!).

Take Risks

Life in Scottsdale truly begins when you take the scary step of moving away from the comfort blanket. If you’ve become mayor of the comfort zone, it’s time to take a risk or two – don’t be afraid of failure or ridicule. Pick up a new hobby, for example. Collect toy cars, take up knitting, run, and do whatever makes you happy. Either way, push yourself out of your comfort zone and explore what this city has to offer. You may find some great surprises!

Be Positive

Finally, it’s too easy to be negative or sad…don’t give life satisfaction. Learn to find the good in every situation and appreciate what you have – when you stop complaining about things that don’t matter, it’s amazing how much more enjoyable life can be. Remember, if you won’t remember it in a year’s time, it’s not worth worrying over now.

By keeping a positive outlook, you’ll start to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds you – this means the people and places in your life as much as anything else.

Follow these tips and enjoy life in Scottsdale today!

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