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When Is the Right Time to See a Plastic Surgeon


When Is the Right Time to See a Plastic Surgeon?

The right time for cosmetic surgery is based on your personal goals. Choosing a qualified surgeon will ensure your procedure is safe and successful, with positive results that last. During your initial in-person consultation with your plastic surgeon, you can expect a physical examination to be part of the evaluation process. You should be prepared for this with a list of current medications and chronic health conditions.


Spring is a popular season to get cosmetic surgery because it’s when many people think about looking their best for the summer. Individuals also aspire to appear their best in bikinis and swimwear.

Fall is another good season to schedule a procedure because the kids return to school, and it’s still warm enough to wear loose, comfortable clothing. This season is also ideal for body contouring and breast procedures.

Choosing a qualified, skilled, and reputable plastic surgeon Bellevue for plastic surgery is essential. A skilled surgeon will invest the effort to comprehend your objectives, respond to your inquiries, and alleviate any apprehensions you may have. You can typically locate this information on a surgeon’s website, where they should provide details regarding their qualifications, affiliations, and educational background.


Many people get cosmetic surgery because they want to look their best. However, they must consider the time and expense and their other commitments. It is critical to choose a surgeon with whom they are comfortable and whose services match their budget.

Summer is often a popular time for plastic surgery, especially for women wanting to be bikini-ready for the beach or summer vacations. It’s important to remember that you must take extra precautions when recovering from surgery in the heat, as sweating and sun exposure can delay healing.

The autumn season is renowned for plastic surgery, encompassing a range of procedures such as breast enhancements and body contouring. It’s a good idea to plan these surgeries before winter starts, as you’ll have plenty of time to recover before the holidays and colder weather arrive. You can also easily hide any bruising or scarring under heavier clothing.


A multitude of patients choose to book their plastic surgeries during the autumn season for a variety of reasons. They may want to start the new year with a bang by achieving their aesthetic goals, or they could wait until after the holidays when life slows down.

Another reason to schedule plastic surgery in the fall is that it allows patients to recover before swimsuit season. Every surgical procedure, whether it’s a tummy tuck, breast lift, or liposuction, necessitates a period of recovery. This must be challenging to fit into a busy summer schedule.

Cooler weather also makes concealing post-surgical bruising, swelling, and incisions easier. This is especially true if your procedure includes a facelift, eyelid surgery, or other treatment requiring avoiding sun exposure during healing.


Many facial plastic surgery procedures require patients to avoid sun exposure as they heal. This can be challenging during the summer when people want to enjoy the sun and spend time outdoors. However, the cool winter temperatures can help alleviate swelling and bruising caused by these surgeries.

Additionally, the colder weather means you’ll likely be tucked in tight sweaters and baggy winter coats, making it easy to conceal any bruising, scarring, or redness from your surgery. This makes the winter the perfect season for a facelift, blepharoplasty, or liposuction.

Intense UV rays can hinder the body’s natural healing process and make scars appear more prominent. This is why many surgeons recommend scheduling your procedure in the winter. The winter’s cooler temperatures and your ability to cover up post-surgery marks will help you heal faster to show off your new, improved look in the spring.

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