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Which is Better: Razor or Scissor Cut?


Which is Better: Razor or Scissor Cut?

One of the most common questions a hair stylist gets is whether cutting your hair with scissors is good. Some people prefer scissors because they give a more natural look, while others only trust the expertise of clippers and other hair-cutting tools. The truth is, each has its pros and cons. Whether you choose a razor or scissor cut, your hair will be transformed with style.

This blog aims to present the advantages and disadvantages of cutting your hair with scissors. We will also address some misconceptions about it. 


Natural look

One of the main advantages of cutting your hair with scissors is that it gives a more natural finish. Scissors can work with your hair cuticles, giving a softer and more organic look. This is why people with curly or wavy hair often prefer cutting it with scissors.


Scissors are versatile in terms of style. You can create different styles with scissors, such as layering and texturing. You can also work on specific areas without leaving a blunt or noticeable line on your hair.


Scissors offer a higher level of precision compared to clippers. It allows you to make small adjustments to your hair without trimming too much. This is useful for people who want to maintain the length of their hair or those who are growing out of their hair.


Experience Required

Cutting hair with scissors takes experience and skill. It is not easy to get a precise result if you are not familiar with the process. This is why it is not recommended for those who are not professional barber shears or have no experience in it.


Cutting hair with scissors takes more time compared to using clippers. Scissors require more precision and patience, making the process take up more time. This can be inconvenient for people who are always on the go or have a busy schedule.

Risk of injury

Unlike using clippers, cutting with scissors can pose a risk of injury if not handled properly. This is why we recommend that only those who have received training and certification n barber shears.

How to choose the right tool for your hair type?

The best tool for cutting your hair is the one that suits your hair type and style. For example, scissors are a great choice if you have curly/wavy hair because they won’t create blunt lines. If you want to maintain the length of your hair or grow it out, clippers may be a better option because barber shears will help you achieve a more uniform finish. Ultimately, it is up to you which tool you prefer to use for cutting your hair. We suggest that you try out different tools and find the one that works best for you.

Tips on styling after a razor or scissor cut

After cutting your hair, you will need to style it. Here are some tips on how to achieve great results:

  • Use the right products for your hair type. Use leave-in conditioners, serums and oils to make styling easier.
  • Invest in a good quality curling iron or flat iron. This will help you create different styles and textures- If you have curly or wavy hair, use a diffuser to dry your hair and reduce frizz.
  • Use hairspray to keep your style in place for longer.

By following these tips and using the right tools, you can get the best results from your haircut. With a bit of practice, you will be able to create the perfect look for your hair at home 

Tips on keeping your hair healthy after a cut

After your cut, you should take steps to ensure your hair stays healthy. Here are some tips: 

  • Avoid heat-styling tools as much as possible to prevent damage.
  • Invest in good quality products for your hair type- This will help keep it hydrated and nourished. 
  • Use a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week Trim your hair every 8-12 weeks for optimal health.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or products that can damage your hair.

These simple tips help you keep your hair healthy after a cut. Following these steps will ensure that your hair looks great and remains in top condition.


In conclusion, cutting your hair with scissors or clippers depends on several factors. It is important to consider your hair type, the look you are trying to achieve and the available time. If you don’t have much experience with scissors, get advice from a professional hairstylist before cutting your hair. Lastly, remember to use the right products and take steps to ensure that your hair remains healthy after a cut. Regardless of the tool, always prioritize your safety and comfort when cutting your hair. We encourage you to seek help from professional barber shears who can give you the best possible result.

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