Top 7 Reasons To Study Healthcare Management Program –

by TeachThought Staff The field of healthcare is experiencing rapid growth globally as people live longer lives.  This expansion requires knowledgeable individuals from healthcare management programs to develop strategies for providing affordable and available healthcare to more people. Advances in digital technology…Read More »

Statistics Outgrowing Other STEM Fields 2010-2013

Title: Embracing Statistics: A Pillar of Modern STEM Education In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), statistics is a pivotal discipline, transcending its traditional role as a mere supporting tool. As we navigate the digital age, statistics…Read More »

14 Ways To Help Students Build Confidence

Once it’s begun, it’s difficult to fully separate the person from the task.  When the artist is painting, the painter and the act of painting become a single ‘thing.’ The painting becomes a part of it all, too. As a teacher, your…Read More »

6 Types Of Assessment Of Learning

by TeachThought Staff What are the types of assessment for learning? And more importantly, when should you use which? If curriculum is the what of teaching and learning models are the how, assessment is the puzzled ‘Hmmmm’–as in, I assumed this and…Read More »

The Simplest Way To Change Education

by Terry Heick Having gone on for decades now, discussions around the idea of ed reform are a bit tired. They seem pointless. Exhausting. A waste of time and creative bandwidth. Bottom-up change is exhausting and top-down change is exhausting for entirely…Read More »